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Configure Lync client (Phone) for dialing international numbers with a code

Some of Administrators or VIP users are always asking for a code when they dialing an international number from their Lync phone edition because they afraid of anyone that can access their phone and do an international calls or sometimes they feel safe when they do pre dialing code as their old phone.

I believe this is not required at all because who can access your phone can access your office and your data, don’t worry because you can lock your data on your Lync phone data (not dialing), and you know who access your room and you have your logs.

However I had to find work around or solution for that, so what I did is configuring Lync server to send the international number with a code that users should dial before international number then media Gateway (UX 2000) as our example here or any IP PBX will be configured with translation rule to remove this code and send the normal international number.

Lync user should dial international numbers in format:

Code     00     Country Code     National number dial

1935    00     974          12345678

The total outgoing number will be translated to (+19350097412345678)

To do that, you need to make:

  1. (Lync Configuration)

    Create Normalization Rule in your dial plan, PSTN Usage, Routes and Voice Policy and assign international voice policy to user.

  2. (UX 2000 GW configuration)

    Modify the GW rule to remove the UX rule to remove code and do the outgoing call.

Note: This document assumed that Lync server enterprise voice deployed with .Net UX 2000 Gateway, we will only add the part related to make international call with a code.

Lync Configuration

Also make sure that you have a proper

PSTN Usage with associated Routes to accept International call with the code 1935 as below:

Create Voice Policy as below:

Note here the Voice Policy “International” has PSTN Usage International associated with International & National Routes, so users assigned to this policy able to make National call without any code and International calls
with code 1935.

User should be enabled for Enterprise Voice and assigned to International Voice Policy.

UX 2000 GW configuration

Add Translation table entry as below:

At the End, This above steps enable your enterprise Voice users with allowed International Voice Policy to make international call if they only dial 19350097412345678 .


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